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Types of braiding

Braided or plaited hairstyles are an easy way to dress up a hairstyle and showcase your many talents. 

Some braids are simple to do and can be mastered at one time, whereas others may take more time and patience to perfect.

Either way, rest assured that popular and unique styles of braiding will not leave you disappointed and will definitely score you some compliments from both friends and strangers alike.  

French braids are one of the most popular braids to do. Often when one thinks of braids, they imagine a French braid. This style of braiding is the go-to style for a fix to moments when you need to tie your hair up quickly, a day with particularly windy weather, or one of those mornings where you just don't feel like styling your hair. They're easy to create and is a cute hairstyle that can be worn in almost any setting.

French braids can be worn in one single braid down the back of the head, one low braid to the side, or as two braided pigtails. This is known as the simplest braid that you can do and it can be done on any type of hair with ease. Hair is crossed over one another when creating this braid, as crossing underneath would make this braid a Dutch braid.

Four Strand Braid

The four strand braid is an alternative to the three strand braid look and is done in the exact same fashion as its alternate. The only and obvious difference is that the four strand braid uses four strands instead of three.

This braid is not hard to do at all although it looks like it may take some time and skill to do. Four strands are great for days when you want to do a simple braid but also want to give it a classier and more unique look.

Practice with mastering the four strand braid and you may want to continue on with challenging yourself with five, six, and even eleven strand braids!

Lace Braid


Lace braids are a popular style of braid often seen travelling down one side of the girl's head. It is a style of the French braid and is a great braid because it holds well throughout the day.


It is also a good way to frame your face and give you a simple, elegant look. Popular celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been seen sporting lace braids.


Lace braids can be worn falling down the head or as a headband where they are braided across the front of the head. Often this braid is seen falling down the side of the head into a side ponytail, but you can wear it any way that you like!

Fishtail Braid

From first glance, the fishtail braid looks complicated and complex to create, but it is really a simple two strand hair braid that can be done in under five minutes.

Fishtail braids are becoming increasingly popular over social networking sites and are often seen lying on one side of the woman's hair. This braid can also be done neat and tight or messy and loose. Either way, it looks great and can easily be copied.

Combine your fishtail braid with a hair ribbon or bow on the end for a cute look or tie it off with a transparent hair band for a very neat look. You can braid your hair to one side, down the entire back of your head, or even as two separate braids! Either way, it will look great.

How amazing does this unique take on a French braid look? Relaxed French braids are sure to get the comments stirring in your direction as well as others asking you to please create this look on their head.

First glance, this does look like a difficult braid to recreate and it does require a bit more patience and practice than most of the braids shown on this page. However, within time, you should be able to recreate this look at ease and even incorporate your own personal twists into it.

Relaxed French braids are very loose but are a great look for both casual and elegant outings. Match this braid with a beaded headband, a cute bow on the ends, or even a regular three strand braid for many different looks and outcomes.

Rope braids or twist braids as they are sometimes called is a great braid to master for quick hair fixes. As its name suggests, rope braids involve a lot of twisting and twirling but it is quite easy to do. Rope braids look best on those with long hair and can be intertwined with other popular hairstyles to create a truly uncommon yet glamorous look.

Rope braids are nothing more than two strand braids like fishtail braids. You can also use this braid and twist it into a bun or leave it in for a while and then take it out for fun and natural waves.

Ladder Braids are a unique alternative to a simple waterfall braid and may require a bit of practice to master. However, once you master it, you can be sure that you will be flooded with compliments from friends and strangers alike.

This special type of braiding style is fairly new, but many individuals are beginning to catch on quickly. Ladder braids can be done neat and tight or messy and loose. They are a great hair style to try for elegant outings such as weddings or even prom nights. Hair can be left straight or curled with a curling wand for an even more glamorous look.

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